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Your referral

You will need a referral from your GP. We are happy to receive referrals from any area. but please discuss with your GP whether there is clinic closer to where you live.

Your first appointment

You might find it helpful to think through the following questions before your initial appointment ,and perhaps make some notes to help you remember things you want to tell us.

  • How and when did the pain start?
  • Has your pain changed since it first started?
  • What makes your pain worse?
  • What makes your pain better?
  • What do you think is causing or contributing to your pain?

Pain problems can be difficult to understand, and there can be multiple contributory factors. It is important that we get a detailed understanding of your pelvic pain history, but it is helpful for us to be aware of any other problems you have with pain or your health, to hear how pain impacts on your life and relationships, and to know about any other significant life events or concerns you might have, even if you don't think they are related to you current pain problem.