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Neurosurgery / Neuro-oncology / Neurovascular referrals

Emergency referrals (OARS)

All acute (urgent/emergency) referrals to the Department of Neurosurgery should be made using the Online Acute Referral System (OARS).

If the referral is concerning a time critical transfer e.g. expanding mass lesion, if you are actively treating the patient e.g. trauma resuscitation, or you have difficulty using the system, please telephone the OUH switchboard and ask to be put through to the Neurosurgical Registrar on call.

Tel: 0300 304 7777

Directly Bookable Service for Neurosurgery

The GP surgery will generate an appointment referral request with appropriate priority (urgent or routine) for the service on e-Referral and UBRN in the usual way.

An electronic proforma or appropriate letter needs to be attached to the e-Referral system by the surgery within 48 hours for a routine or urgent appointment.

In the case that the Trust cannot provide an immediate appointment, 'Defer to Provider' can be selected and Trust processes will be in place to contact the patient within 48 hours for an urgent or routine appointment.

18WW clock will start on the date the GP or patient makes the appointment booking.

GPs should check their patients have appointments on their e-Referral worklist. This applies to all appointment requests made through e-Referral.

Please note exclusions:

2WW to remain as existing process.

For further information please visit 'e-Referral':


Oxford Neuro-oncology MDT Meeting

The Neuro-oncology MDT is held on a Tuesday morning from 8.30am - 10.00am.

The final cut-off for additions is 12.00pm Friday. Exceptions will be made for clinically urgent cases presenting or deteriorating over the weekend only.

The core panel of specific specialists includes the following.

Oncological Neurosurgery

  • Mr Puneet Plaha
    Consultant Oncological Neurosurgeon and MDT Lead
  • Mr Vasileios Apostolopoulos
    Consultant Oncological Neurosurgeon
  • Mr Richard Stacey
    Consultant Oncological and Epilepsy Neurosurgeon

Input from other Neurosurgical Subspecialties

  • Mr Richard Kerr
    Consultant Skull Base Surgeon
  • Mr Sanjeeva Jeyaretna
    Consultant Skull Base Surgeon
  • Mr Simon Cudlip
    Consultant Pituitary and Skull Base Surgeon


  • Pieter Pretorius
    Consultant Neuroradiologist
  • Robin Joseph
    Consultant Neuroradiologist


  • Dr Fouzia Andleeb
    Consultant Neuro-Oncologist
  • Dr Meera Nandhabalan
    Consultant Neuro-oncologist
  • Dr Juliet Brock
    Consultant Neuro-oncologist


  • Dr Olaf Ansorge
    Consultant Neuropathologist
  • Dr Monika Hofer
    Consultant Neuropathologist
  • Dr Clara Limbaeck
    Consultant Neuropathologist


Dr Allyson Parry
Consultant Neurologist


Dr Natalie Voets
DTI and Functional MRI Neuroscientist

Clinical Nurse Specialists and Advanced Nurse Practitioners

  • Val Russell
    Neuro-oncology Senior Specialist Nurse
  • Colwynn Phillips
    Neuro-oncology Senior Specialist Nurse
  • Ruzena Lanc
    Neuro-oncology Specialist Nurse
  • Gillian Hemmings
    Advanced Nurse Practitioner Skull Base surgery


Rhona Watson
Advanced Practitioner Radiographer in Neuro-oncology


Claire Isaac

To refer a patient for discussion, kindly complete the referral form at the link below:

Request for discussion at Neuro-oncology MDT meeting (Word, 27 KB)

and email it to the MDT Co-ordinator.


If you have any questions regarding outcomes or referrals, please email the MDT Co-ordinator.

Last reviewed:09 July 2024