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Equality Delivery System (EDS)

The Equality Delivery System (EDS) is a framework created by the Department of Health Equality and Diversity Council to help NHS trusts deliver services that are personal, fair and diverse and work towards compliance with the Equality Act 2010.

The EDS is needed to improve outcomes for both patients and NHS staff whose experience of the NHS can be worse than the general population.

The EDS will help NHS organisations improve their understanding and respect for everyone who uses the NHS and those working for the NHS.

EDS2 (Equality and Diversity System 2) 2016

In 2016 the Trust held its EDS2 assessment, an updated version of EDS held in 2012.

This document is a summary report of the Trust's grading and the evidence it used in its 2016 EDS2 assessment.

Equality Delivery System for the NHS - EDS2 Summary Report (pdf, 685 KB)

This document is important because staff and patients were asked to grade the evidence presented by the Trust. The grades show that the Trust is doing well in some areas, but needs to make some key improvements.

These grades are the basis of the Trust's high level equality, diversity and inclusion objectives and a supporting action plan which will be implemented over four years.

No further action is required by the public; however, if you would like to be involved in future equality and diversity work, please contact the Patient Experience Team to be updated with opportunities as they arise.