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Oxford Non-respiratory Sleep Disorders Clinic referrals

Patients presenting in primary care with sleep problems can have sleep disturbance due to various underlying causes, which include primary sleep disorders and sleep disturbance due to psychiatric or neurological illness.

In the Oxford Sleep Clinic, based in the the Neurosciences Department, West Wing, John Radcliffe Hospital, we can help patients with the following primary sleep disorders:

  • parasomnias (episodic behaviours/experiences from sleep)
  • excessive daytime sleepiness excluding obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA referrals should go to the Respiratory Disorders Sleep Centre at the Churchill Hospital)
  • insomnia not secondary to psychiatric disorders
  • restless leg syndrome
  • periodic limb movement disorder
  • circadian rhythm disorders:
    • shift work disorders
    • delayed or advanced sleep phase disorder
    • jet lag syndrome
    • non 24 hour sleep wake cycle disorders.

Please refer patients to the Sleep Clinic if you suspect any of the above primary sleep disorders.

The majority of the patients presenting with insomnia have some psychiatric disorder such as depression and anxiety. Since we do not have resources to manage primary psychiatric problems, we encourage that such patients are referred elsewhere from primary care.

We would particularly recommend referral for cognitive behaviour therapy.

Melatonin is indicated in some patients, but is not funded in some areas.

Last reviewed:24 February 2022