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Alert Coronavirus / COVID-19

If you have a new continuous cough, a high temperature, or a loss or change to your sense of taste or smell, do not come to our hospitals. Follow the national advice on coronavirus (COVID-19).

Please find information on our services and visiting restrictions in our COVID-19 section.

Patients and visitors must wear a face covering in our hospitals.

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Growing Stronger Together

Rest, Reflect, Recover

The pandemic has heavily impacted on all of us. At the same time, existing challenges for us have been exacerbated by a high workload, with only 37 percent of our people reporting that they work the hours they are paid.

The aim of our Growing Stronger Together - Rest, Reflect, Recover Programme is to look after the wellbeing of our people and teams and enable our recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic and transition into a 'new normal'.

Focusing on the recovery of our people is essential to keep us safe and healthy at work.

We will build on the momentum we have created during 2020/21 and allow for new and innovative interventions to enable us to continue to support the wellbeing of #OneTeamOneOUH.

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Our programme is divided into five key priorities.

Meet the immediate need for rest and recovery

The focus of this priority is to meet the immediate need for rest and recovery. This will include a 'supportive conversation' for each member of staff about the impact of their work and to identify further wellbeing support that might be needed.

Build the culture of learning, compassion and inclusion

We are exploring further Trust-wide opportunities to re-establish social connections, share stories, and mark, reflect and recognise individual and team contributions, as well as developing a range of ways to say 'thank you'.

Facilitate post traumatic growth

Our Psychological Medicine team has developed a new enhanced level of support for teams to focus on Recovery, Readjustment and Reintegration - the R3P workshop programme.

These workshops are being offered on an 'opt-in' basis to provide space to have in-depth discussions about a team's experience of working during the pandemic.

Video: What is an R3P workshop?

Support sustainable service recovery and workforce planning

Our Divisions will develop plans which balance service recovery and individual and team recovery.

Build working lives that have more flexibility and autonomy

One of the benefits that we would like to retain from the COVID-19 pandemic is flexible working. This is thanks to our digital advancements, including Microsoft Teams and Attend Anywhere.

As part of our NHS People Plan commitment, we want to build on our flexible ways of working.