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Sexual health and HIV

The Oxfordshire Sexual Health Service provides testing and management of sexually transmitted infections including HIV, and contraception from clinics across Oxfordshire.

How to access this service

Patients can access this service on a drop-in basis or by telephoning for an appointment.

Tel: 01865 231231

For full details of all clinic times and locations please see:

Sexual Health Oxfordshire

All written referrals for sexually transmitted infections, HIV and contraception should come directly to the Sexual Health Service at the Churchill Hospital, or Orchard Health Centre, Banbury.

Specialist services and service administration, as well as co-ordination of the C-card and chlamydia screening are delivered from the Churchill Hospital in Oxford and the Orchard Health Centre in Banbury. These two clinics offer the full range of sexual health services including complex sexual health screening, tests and treatment, and all types of contraception including for women who have problems with contraception and who have other medical conditions. The coil-fitting service is also provided by these clinics. These services are open to everyone, but are especially designed for people with symptoms or a complex history.

There will be an enhanced provision in Didcot including IUD/IUS fitting and assessment of asymptomatic patients and those with external genital symptoms only (ie those who do not require microscopy).

There are outreach sexual health clinics in:

  • Witney
  • Wantage
  • Bicester
  • Abingdon
  • Witney
  • Kidlington.

These clinics are run by specialist nurses and are for patients without symptoms, who do not need to be examined.

They provide sexual health screening, treatment, advice and contraception including:

  • free condoms
  • testing for asymptomatic sexually transmitted infections
  • contraception
  • implants
  • contraceptive pills
  • Depoprovera
  • emergency contraception
  • IUD/IUS assessment

Non-contraceptive services


The Levonorgestrel Intrauterine System (Mirena) may be recommended/indicated for non-contraceptive purposes. The algorithm adapted from the Oxford Clinical Commissioning Group Heavy Menstrual Bleeding (HMB) pathway shows what is necessary before an IUS is fitted in the sexual health service for women with HMB.

Please be aware the sexual health service does not undertake investigations for HMB. A GP referral letter is required with relevant investigations and information prior to IUS fit (e.g. US report, summary from gynaecology, biopsy result etc.).

Any woman seeking an IUS or contraceptive treatment for other non-contraceptive purposes, e.g. control of pelvic pain, treatment of endometriosis, HRT etc. requires a written referral from the GP with any relevant information such as a summary from secondary care.

Lost coil threads pathway (pdf, 182 KB)

Last reviewed:19 April 2022