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Catering and portering

No hospitals can function without the teams responsible for making sure our patients have plenty of good food and drink, and for helping them get around our sites to where they need to be for the scans and procedures vital to their care.

Catering Supervisors

Catering Supervisors lead the day-to-day provision of food service in the restaurant / catering department.

They look after the ordering and use of supplies, ensuring they are used efficiently and waste is kept to a minimum. They ensure high standards of cleanliness where food is stored, prepared and served, and that correct hygiene and safety procedures are always followed by staff.

They also take care of other supplies and equipment, such as crockery, cutlery, cleaning materials and the machinery used in food service, and make sure the team that keeps our patients and staff well fed are properly trained and compliant with all the necessary regulations.

Shift Porters

Our Porters are the backbone of our hospital service, safely bringing patients between our wards and the departments where they receive their scans, tests and treatment.

They also provide an invaluable service moving vital supplies and equipment around our hospital site, often at short notice.

We're so proud to be a truly diverse organisation, and our Shift Porters really are part of our diverse team, supporting all aspects of patient care and the general running of our hospital.

We couldn't carry out the care that we do without the 24 hour, seven-days-a-week service that our in-house Shift Porters, between them, provide.

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Last reviewed:01 December 2023