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Physical wellbeing

Maintaining your physical wellbeing can be tricky when life is busy.

Taking action to care for yourself is not a selfish act. Looking after yourself is the first step to being able to look after others.

In this page are various support options for helping us look after different elements of our physical wellbeing.

Here for Health

Our Here for Health team offers personalised and holistic health and wellbeing support in areas such as:

  • giving up smoking
  • becoming more active
  • eating well
  • reducing alcohol intake
  • self-care for general wellbeing.

The team provides a safe space, the time for you to explore what would benefit you the most, and the opportunity to create a step-by-step achievable action plan.

The team is also a resource hub for information on a wide range of health and wellbeing topics and community support services.

Tel: 01865 22149 Monday to Friday 9.00am-5.00pm (excluding Bank Holidays)


OUH Employee Benefits - MyLifeStyle

Log into MyLifeStyle using your username and password emailed to you (OUH employees) by MyLifeStyle to access support and benefits such as the following:


Discounts at several gyms across the UK and Ireland with different memberships options to suit your needs.


Access to discounted health assessments via different packages at major medical health assessment providers.

Cycle to Work

Build your ideal Cycle to Work package from a range of cycling brands available through the scheme.

COVID-19 testing

We offer testing for COVID-19 to OUH staff and their households:

COVID-19 staff FAQs: staff testing


COVID-19 staff FAQs: vaccine information

Safety huddles

To help keep us all well-informed and safe, we hold regular'safety huddles' to cascade important information and updates within our teams.

Watch a video on YouTube made by OUH Chief Nursing Officer, Sam Foster, and Prof Meghana Pandit, Chief Medical Officer, on Safety Huddles work:

A message about safety huddles

Support during sick leave

If you take time off work for medical reasons, either your line manager or a member of your local HR team will contact you to find out how you are.

We will use the contact details held by your department or GoodShape to call you on or before your eighth day of absence, and make a plan to stay in contact with you during the remainder of your absence.

We will offer any support we can while you are off work. If there is anything you need while you are absent, please ask your line manager or local HR team for details of help available, or a referral to Occupational Health if appropriate.

If you are absent from work for more than 50 percent of your rostered day please contact GoodShape.

Tel: 0333 321 8086

If your absence is because of illness, GoodShape will provide you with confidential medical advice and support from registered general nurses during your absence from work.

We will also help plan a supported return to work and help with adaptions to make it easier for you to return to work. When you return to work, you will meet with your line manager for a 'return to work' discussion, where you can jointly discuss and support your needs.

Risk assessments

To protect our staff during COVID-19, line managers must undertake a risk assessment for each member of their team to identify any underlying health conditions that make them more vulnerable to severe COVID-19, and adjust their work to reduce the risk.

Occupational Health has produced a risk assessment form outlining this process, and there is a separate risk assessment form for people with asthma.

There is also additional guidance for our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) colleagues and their line managers to support with completing a risk assessment. This is in recognition of the disproportionate impact COVID-19 is having on our BAME colleagues and the BAME population as a whole.

Please visit the Occupational Health intranet for the risk assessments and guidance or contact Occupational Health directly.

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Last reviewed:06 April 2023