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COVID-19 vaccine information

Updated 16 November 2021

NHS information

Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine - NHS website

COVID-19 vaccination leaflets

Leaflets in other languages

COVID-19 vaccination and pregnancy

Please visit Maternity Services for resources and videos about COVID-19 vaccination and pregnancy.

Personal experiences of COVID-19 vaccination


Imam Monawar Hussain, Chaplain

Imam Monawar Hussain, one of our Chaplains, received his COVID-19 vaccine at the Churchill Hospital.

He explains why he got vaccinated, why the vaccine is safe, how to access it, and why it's important.

COVID Vaccination - Imam Monawar Hussain, OUH Muslim Chaplain

Oxford faith leaders

A special message from faith leaders in Oxford

Terry Roberts, Chief People Officer

A series of short clips from Terry Roberts, OUH Chief People Officer, thanking our staff and encouraging everyone to take up the offer of a COVID-19 vaccine when contacted.

Why get a COVID-19 vaccination?

A YouTube playlist featuring clips from members of our staff and patients speaking about their experience of the vaccine - and why getting vaccinated is so important.

Why get a COVID-19 vaccination? - YouTube

Individual videos

Videos in other languages

Myth Busting COVID-19 Vaccination Video - Oxfordshire CCG