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Alert COVID-19

Please find service updates and current visiting rules in our COVID-19 section.

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COVID-19 safety rules

Updated 8 June 2022

Hospitals are where we look after people at their sickest and most vulnerable. This means we must protect our patients and our staff by minimising the risk of infection being brought into our clinics and wards.

For the safety of all our patients, visitors and staff please:

  • wear a mask when required
  • use sanitiser or wash your hands for 20 seconds
  • observe visiting rules
  • ask a member of staff if you are not sure.

All of these apply even if you have had two or more vaccinations, as you can still carry infection.

Why are we asking you to do all this on our sites?

When someone brings a community-acquired COVID-19 infection into the hospital, they could pass it on to patients, visitors and our staff.

We have to protect vulnerable patients for whom a COVID-19 infection could be fatal, or severely delay their treatment for other diseases / procedures.

We have to protect our staff. If our clinical staff have to isolate, then we may have to postpone planned appointments and operations because we do not have enough staff available.

We have to protect visitors. Visits are so important for our patients' wellbeing. If visitors or patients test positive for COVID-19, then visits cannot take place.

We have to protect you too. As long as everyone follows the rules, then we should be able to keep you safe from acquiring COVID-19 while you are here.

Last reviewed:08 June 2022