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Sally celebrates 50 years at the Horton General Hospital


A ward clerk at the Horton General recently celebrated 50 years of working at the hospital.

Sally Taylor started working at the Horton in the medical records department at the age of 18 in 1973.  She then moved to a gynae ward as a ward clerk three years later, and has been there ever since.

Talking about her time at the Horton, Sally said: "I am proud to still be a part of the great institution that NHS is - to think it was only 25 years old when I started!

"I think that working in healthcare is very worthwhile and for me, I am glad to be part of it and have made some very good friends along the way."

Recalling her earlier days in the service, she noted how it was more challenging to manage the patient database before computers, when patients' information was entered in huge ledgers. 

She said: "Looking up patients was a challenge, as their details were written on small cards and filed alphabetically in a drawer. There were thousands of them!"

Commenting on the clothing of the time, she amusingly added: "We also wore starched white (one-size-fits-no-one) coats."

Sally also spoke about the biggest challenge in her 50 years in healthcare, saying: "COVID-19 has to have been the biggest challenge for the NHS - but I can honestly say that I was glad to be working through it, doing my bit. And I found it very humbling when my neighbours were out in the streets clapping for the NHS - shouting "well done Sally" - me, a mere ward clerk."

Susie Saeed, a matron in Gynaecology and a colleague and friend of Sally's, said that Sally has been the backbone to the day unit at the Horton. 

She said: "For 50 years she has come in with a beautiful smile, fabulous red hair, and her amazing colourful glasses! She has given her all to the patients who come through the unit. She is one of the most kind, calm, and professional colleagues I have ever worked with.

“She is our loyal friend, and we thank her for everything. Fifty years is a remarkable achievement and we and the NHS are so grateful to her for her loyalty, compassion, and dedication."

Congratulations Sally on your 50 years of service - and thank you for all that you do!

Pictured: Sally, second from the right with group of colleagues.