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Josh Allen

This article is more than two years old.
Josh Allen

Josh Allen, a Nurse on the John Radcliffe Hospital's Surgical Emergency Unit, received his DAISY Award following a nomination made by a colleague who has also been cared for at OUH.

"Josh has cared for me in hospital on two occasions. Both [were] during the pandemic when he was extremely clinically vulnerable and he had spent a long time shielding. I was very low when Josh was caring for me. I had a lot of pain, was very tearful, and couldn’t see a way out of my situation.

"Josh noticed this and began to talk to me when he visited my room. On one occasion he asked me to tell him what I was afraid of. Being able to talk about it with someone who was interested but who also opened up about their vulnerability was extremely healing.

"Josh helped me put my feelings into perspective. He listened to my experience of taking the medication and made sure all the other nurses were aware of my preferences with regard to how they were given including doing some of the injections myself. This allowed me to maintain a sense of normality with my medication and have a routine which helped me feel more independent.

"Josh showed a level of maturity in his care that far exceeds his years. He is the most memorable of all my nurses (and I have had a lot of them) because of his genuine interest in his patients and how he naturally uses his own experiences to show empathy and compassion.

"He gave me inspiration to take control of my illness and feel better about myself and my situation. Josh puts his whole self into his nursing practice, and he sees beyond the problems on the surface to truly understand how he can help heal his patients in body and mind."

Congratulations, Josh, on winning a DAISY Award and for receiving such a lovely nomination.