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Bridget Trinder

This article is more than two years old.
Bridget Trinder, right, and Sharon Foulkes, who made the nomination

There were tears all round at an extremely special DAISY Award celebrating Bridget Trinder, a Neuro ICU Patient and Liaison Nurse

Sharon Foulkes made the nomination, on behalf of her family, for the care Bridget gave her late husband.

The nomination read: "I cannot express enough how fortunate I feel that Bridget helped our family.

"'Incredible', 'caring', 'sensitive', 'thoughtful', 'supportive', 'exceptional', 'devoted', and 'compassionate' are words that brush the surface of terms to describe her.

"We cannot thank Bridget enough for the incredibly caring way in which she has gone beyond her job role to help us.

"She deserves so many accolades, praise, and thanks – we cannot emphasise how lucky and thankful we are for her support.

"Thank you, Bridget, from the bottom of our hearts and our deep-felt gratitude goes to the most amazing and extraordinary lady I have ever met. Knowing that your exceptional skills are being shared and celebrated with your colleagues filled our hearts with joy."

Sam Foster, our Chief Nursing Officer, was joined by Bridget's team as she presented the award and read out the nomination, thanking Bridget for the difference she makes for our patients and staff.

Bridget said: "I just love my job, and I love people. It’s a pleasure to do what I do. I just love it."

Thank you, Bridget, for all that you do.