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Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Working for us

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Meet our apprentices

Merrin Honey, Business Administration Apprentice and Health Education England Thames Valley Apprentice of the Year 2017

I thoroughly enjoy my work and feel I am contributing in a small way, helping to improve the quality of patient care. My manager, mentor and colleagues have all helped me whenever I needed help and encouraged me to develop as a person.
Merrin Honey

Jeshwa Simmons-Sadler, HR Business Apprentice

I am 18 years old, and I work for the Human Resources Department in the Division of Surgery and Oncology at the Trust. I’m earning £180 a week. I chose my apprenticeship because, rather than just written work, it includes hands-on experience within the workplace.
Jeshwa Simmons

Nadira Hussain, Business Administration Apprentice

A young person should explore all of the career options that are available. My apprenticeship has opened a lot of career paths for me. I am still looking at the possibilities. I also feel honoured that I have had the opportunity to be an Apprenticeship Ambassador.
Nadira Hussain

Finn Gration Symons, Clinical Nursing Assistant Apprentice

This opportunity offered more options than sixth form, and a wide range of skill and academic-based learning. You have the potential to go to university, as well as first-hand experience of the environment that you are likely to work in when you are older.
Finn Gration Symons

Hannah Maughan, Business Administration Apprentice

Completing an apprenticeship will strengthen my CV; by the end of the year I will have experience and skills that will be attractive to an employer. My top tips are to ask any questions you need to, and manage your workload so you can take advantage of your study time.
Hannah Maughan

Mahrya Zulfaqar, Level 3 Clinical Apprentice 

An apprenticeship is an amazing way to get ready for work as an adult, in whatever job you do. I wanted to get on-the-job experience of what it is like working in the hospital environment. It gives you a lot of confidence working with different people all the time.
Mahrya Zulfaqar