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Sing and Say

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Sing and Say is about helping your child develop at their own unique rate and pace, to learn to communicate to the best of their ability.

Music is understood by people all over the world. It seems to have an almost universal appeal, and many children can move and show enjoyment of music long before they can speak.

It is also a fun way for parents to join in with their children. Many parents struggle at times to know what to say to a child who isn't yet talking back, or has limited communication ability. It can be lovely to have something enjoyable for you to do together that isn't just talking about food, or what to eat that day!

This is why Sing and Say uses music to encourage children's communication development.

Here are some songs to help your child learn language.

Download, Sing, Say and Play today!

Audio stream I love you

A gentle song to share with your child during peaceful times at home.

Audio stream My body

A song to help your child learn the names of their body parts.

Audio stream Bubbles

A song to listen to at home whilst playing with bubbles.

Audio stream Shooting Star

Shooting Star - specially written to celebrate children with craniosynostosis. Turn it up loud!