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Referring Samples

General guidelines

  • Samples are normally referred by hospital consultants.
  • Certain tests referrals are only accepted from the Regional Genetics Service (details available on request).
  • GP referrals are not encouraged for specialist tests, though are permitted for routine karyotyping.
  • Self-referral by patients is not accepted.

Referral card

A fully completed referral card should accompany each sample.

Referral cards must be legible and provide:

  • patient's full name
  • date of birth and NHS/hospital number
  • patient's postcode
  • full name and address of referring clinician
  • referral reason and test/s required.


  • In submitting samples the referring clinician confirms that consent for testing has been obtained. Material may be stored (where applicable) from all patients referred unless consent for this is specifically denied and recorded on the referral form.
  • It is the responsibility of the referring clinician to request a laboratory test and to ensure that all samples are correctly labelled and request forms are completed to a minimum standard (see above).

Service Agreement

By sending a sample, accompanied by a completed laboratory referral form, the user enters into an agreement for the Genetics Laboratory to provide the service or test requested and agrees to the terms and conditions.

Molecular Genetics Price List

Cytogenetics Turnaround Times

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