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Replacement spare parts and lost processors

We will provide replacement processors and accessories on the day that you tell us you have a problem, so that you are without sound for as short a time as possible.

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If you have a medical problem related to your implant, please contact us for advice.

July 2020 - COVID-19 update

Hearing aid repair

COVID-19 update

The best way to contact us is by email - please do not call unless it is urgent.


Replacement spare parts and batteries

Inside your processor kit is a range of spare parts such as a coil-cable, microphone covers and earhooks. You can change these items at home.

If you use your spare part, for example to replace a faulty coil-cable, please contact us to request a replacement.

Over time, rechargeable batteries will lose the amount of charge they are able to hold. Our users generally report that most rechargeable batteries have a lifespan of approximately two years. If you find that your rechargeable battery is no longer holding a useful amount of charge, please contact the clinic for a replacement.

If your processor requires disposable batteries, please contact the clinic for more before you run low. Standard post through the hospital system and Royal Mail can take one to two weeks.

Purchasing extra items

Your processor kit comes with a range of items to support your hearing.

Our clinic will replace standard parts (such as cables, worn out rechargeable batteries, microphone covers) as they are used.

Our clinic does not sell or supply extra items (such as more or different sized rechargeable batteries, extra chargers or more wireless or Bluetooth accessories), but they can be purchased either directly from the cochlear implant manufacturer or third party suppliers:

Third party supplier


Lost processor(s)

Please take good care of your / your child's processor(s).

Each processor costs around £5000 to replace. We can supply you or your child with a number of different options designed to help keep your processor secure and in place. These include snugfits, plastic loops, clips and double-sided tape. They are used by all age ranges from children through to adults.

What to do if you / your child lose/s a processor

Firstly, please look for it! Remember the magnet can stick to metal under chairs, behind radiators, on swing frames or on supermarket trolleys.

Temporary loan

Let us know as soon as possible. We will temporarily replace your lost processor with one of our loan processors. This may be an older model or different colour depending on what we have available at the time. You may need to come for an appointment to have this fitted.

Get a police reference number

If you can't find your processor, you will need to tell the police and get a police reference number. This means that the processor will be returned to you if it is handed in to the police. We can give you a letter to show the police, requesting a police reference number.

Administration fee for adult users

There is a charge of £110 for each processor lost for adult cochlear implant users. This does not cover the cost of replacing a processor. However, it helps cover our administration costs for ordering and fitting a replacement processor and acts as a deterrent.

There are exceptions - we do not charge users who:

  • are under 18 years old when the processor was lost
  • receive PIP, employment support allowance or pension credits
  • lose their processor while in hospital or a care home.

We will ask you to complete the form below, stating that you agree to the payment, and the hospital finance department will take the payment.

Speech processor replacement form (Word, 772 KB)

Replacement processor

Once we receive the police reference number and administration fee (if applicable), we will order a replacement processor for you.

It will be the same type as the lost processor, not a newer model.

Loss of a processor, and how that affects upgrades

All processors must be used for five years before we are able to upgrade them to a newer model (if an improved model is available).

So, if a processor is lost after three years and replaced with the same model, the clock will start again and you / your child may need to wait another five years until an upgrade is provided.

If you lose a processor please contact us.

Tel: 01865 234881


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You can also refer to the website, which covers medical and non-medical issues.