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Oxford Breast Imaging Centre (OBIC)

The Oxford Breast Imaging Centre (OBIC) provides a high quality breast screening service, under the direction of the NHS Breast Screening Programme, for women aged 50 and over.

The objective is to detect breast cancer in its early stage and thereby reduce the overall mortality from breast cancer.

All women aged between 50 and 70 years of age are eligible for screening.

In September 2011 the Age Extension Randomization Trial was rolled out, in which half of the women aged 47-49 or 70-73 will be selected for screening. This Trial is being gradually extended to cover all GP practices in Oxfordshire. Women who haven't been selected for screening can still request a breast screening appointment by contacting the OBIC.

All women are called for breast screening approximately every three years, according to the GP practice they are registered with. It takes about three years to cover all Oxfordshire GPs in a single screening round.

Screening takes place in three locations:

  • at the OBIC, in the Surgery and Diagnostics Centre at the Churchill Hospital
  • at two Breast Mobile Screening Units, which move between sites around Oxfordshire.

In addition, the department provides an Assessment Clinic at the OBIC for women whose mammograms showed a possible abnormality. At the assessment clinic, further tests are carried out, including ultrasound imaging and core biopsies.

Furthermore, the department also provides a symptomatic service by GP and specialist referral for women of any age who present with breast problems. The symptomatic clinic takes place at the OBIC.


  • Breast Screening Clinics: Monday to Friday 9.00am - 4.30pm
  • Assessment Clinics: Monday and Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings
  • Symptomatic Clinics: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, Churchill Hospital
  • Extensive information is available on the NHS Cancer Screening website

Breast Screening: important information

In order to make our service of the highest quality and as efficient as possible:

  • Please read the leaflet 'Breast screening - The Facts' - it will hopefully answer the most frequently asked questions about screening.
  • Please contact us immediately if any of the following applies to you.
    • The appointment date/time is inconvenient and you'd like to re-arrange, and/or you are going to be away for the next 3 weeks of your allocated appointment date.
    • You have had a mammogram elsewhere within the last six months:
      • at a private clinic
      • through an employee scheme where you work
      • at another Screening Unit, if you recently moved into the area
      • you have changed your GP and were previously invited while registered with the previous GP.
    • You are receiving continuing care for previous breast problems.
    • You have access difficulties due physical mobility problems and would like to arrange a more suitable appointment (the mobile clinics have steps).
  • Your mammogram will be taken by qualified, female radiographers. It will take around half an hour.
  • More information about the breast screening examination can be found at on the NHS Breast Cancer Screening Programme website.

Results will be posted to the woman and to the GP within three weeks of the breast screening appointment.

It is very important that you let us know if you are not able to attend, as your appointment might be of use to someone else. Because we screen over 30,000 women a year, it is important that all our appointment slots are used as efficiently as possible.

Please do not use talcum powder or deodorant on the day of screening - it may affect the quality of the X-ray and subsequently the diagnosis' accuracy.

There is a map included with the appointment letter showing the location of the unit. Visitors to the Churchill are advised there is Pay & Display parking.

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Oxford Breast Imaging Centre (OBIC) is part of Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

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