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Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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Oxford Breast Imaging Centre (OBIC) staff


OBIC comprises a team of Consultant Radiologists, Advanced Practitioners, Radiographers, Assistant Practitioners, Radiology Assistants and Administrators reporting to a Clinical Director.


Dr Madhuchanda Bhattacharyya, Clinical Director
Consultant Radiologist

Dr Rosie Adams
Consultant Radiologist

Dr Victoria Chan
Consultant Radiologist

Dr Louise Wilkinson
Consultant Radiologist

Dr Vaishali Parulekar
Associate Specialist

Superintendent Radiographer

Carole Jones

Deputy Superintendent Radiographer

Deborah Sykora

Screening Breast Care Nurse

Sam Evans


  • Oyinkan Akinniranye
  • Pathma Balasooriya
  • Claire Camacho
  • Jacque Colyer
  • Janat Eugene
  • Penny Ford-McNicol
  • Abigail Gonye
  • Jocelle Jaime
  • Carole Jones
  • Evenny Lochrie
  • Niamh McHugh
  • Larisa Morhan
  • Emma Punton
  • Philippa Reay
  • Deborah Sykora
  • Jane Wimbury

Advanced Practitioners

  • Janat Eugene
  • Pathma Balasooriya

Assistant Practitioners

  • Josephine Appiah
  • Carly Davidson
  • Lisa Heritage

Radiographic Assistants

  • Tatiana Costa
  • Anna Howell
  • Aimee Spraggs
  • Petra Stoica
  • Anna Tchorznicka

PACS Administrator

Lorraine Malone

Programme Manager

Annemarie Leeks

Office Manager

Gill Hall


  • Emily Baylie
  • Alison Goodwin
  • Stephanie Matthews
  • Liz Robinson

Administration and clerical staff

  • Aurora Ballabani
  • Emily Baylie
  • Hattie Buck
  • Sophie Bunce
  • Foziea Chaudhry
  • Amy Church
  • Kathryn Claridge
  • Brooke Marsden

Breast Care Sisters

  • Gill Stoker
  • Karen Smith
  • Ginny Turner
  • Michelle Browne
  • Hazel Terrado
  • Susan Ingledew
  • Nicola Tadman
  • Samantha Harold
  • Lainey Hellings

Breast Care Secretary

Terri Anne Watts