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your appointment

Can I arrange an earlier appointment?

If you feel you need to be seen sooner than your next booked appointment, because your rheumatological condition has flared, or because you are experiencing a complication of your current treatment, please call the Rheumatology Advice Line and discuss this with the nursing team.

Rheumatology Advice Line: 01865 737656

If they feel an earlier review is necessary they will do their best to arrange this for you.

How often should I expect to see the nurse/consultant?

If you have an established diagnosis and your are stable on your current treatment, we will see you once a year.

If you have a newly diagnosed inflammatory condition, or if your pre-existing rheumatological condition is active, or your medication has recently been changed, we may see you more often.

Do I need to get my bloods done before my appointment?

Ideally yes, but there will be occasions when your GP is not able to do this, and they will have to be done at your appointment.