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COVID-19-related studies

The University of Oxford and Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have made a huge contribution to the response to COVID-19 across multiple areas.

Even during periods where cases in the area are low, there continues to be funding calls for new studies and investigations.

Recent and ongoing studies

November 2021

To provide prospective researchers with information about what studies are already underway in Oxford, to avoid potential duplication of effort and to promote collaboration, a summary of 'recent and ongoing' clinical research activity is summarised here.

Recent and ongoing COVID-19 studies in Oxford (pdf, 214 KB)

This list is illustrative - not every study is listed - and it does not include studies of diagnostics.

This information will be updated periodically. Enquires about the status of specific studies or recruitment should be directed to the study team (the name of the principal investigator is provided in the slides).

Full list of studies

A complete list of studies, which includes additional information, is at the link below:

University of Oxford and OUH COVID-19 studies (Excel, 105 KB)

This list includes studies sponsored by the University of Oxford or OUH, as well as studies hosted by OUH. It includes all such studies, from those currently being set up to those which have now closed.

For further information about any of these studies, please contact the Chief Investigator (for University of Oxford-sponsored studies) or the principal investigator (for OUH-hosted studies with a sponsor other than the University).

Approval and prioritisation of new COVID-19 studies

Since the start of the pandemic, proposals to set up new COVID-19 studies at OUH have been reviewed by the joint OUH/University COVID-19 Clinical Research Review Group (CRRG), which met weekly to prioritise and to align resources at OUH and OU to support COVID-19 studies at OUH.

The demand to set up new COVID-19 studies has decreased significantly, and there is no longer a need for them to be considered separately to other new studies.

The CRRG therefore disbanded at the end of April 2022 and principal investigators wanting to set-up new COVID-19 studies at OUH should now approach the relevant Local Research Oversight Group (LROG) directly, the same as for any other study.

Last reviewed:03 May 2022