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The process

The James Lind Alliance process

Stage 1 - Establishing the Scoliosis Partnership

  • Steering Group established
  • Protocol agreed
  • Partners recruited
  • Project management and arrangements confirmed
  • Initial stakeholder meeting

Stage 2 – Survey

  • Survey open
  • Partner organisations disseminate survey to members
  • Survey advertised

Stage 3 - Data management

  • Data management group identified and protocol agreed
  • Out of scope questions removed and collated
  • Questions arranged in a research question format and grouped by theme
  • Duplicates removed
  • Existing research checked
  • Results and process reviewed by Steering Group

Stage 4 - Interim prioritisation

  • Questions sent to survey respondents, partner organisations
  • Respondents rank top 10 unanswered questions
  • Ranks combined
  • Shortlist of up to 20 unanswered questions produced

Stage 5 - Final prioritisation

  • Workshop attended by partners and partner organisations
  • Top ten unanswered research questions agreed by consensus