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The Steering Group

The Blood Transfusion and Blood Donation PSP is managed by a Steering Group and is chaired by an independent adviser from the James Lind Alliance. The Steering Group includes individual patient representatives as well as clinicians and information specialists.

The role of the Steering Group is to develop and implement a Project Protocol that sets out the plans for the PSP. The Steering Group is responsible for establishing a timeline and budget for the project and is committed to producing a prioritised list of unanswered questions about blood transfusion and blood donation.

Patient representatives

Previous members of the Steering Group

We would like to acknowledge the very valuable contributions made by Denis Cave, Minister of Jehovah's Witnesses; Leanne Metcalf, JLS Adviser and Sandra Regan, NIHR Oxford Biomedical Research Centre Patient Involvement and JLA Project Manager.

Graham Donald

Graham DonaldGraham Donald is a retired Senior Civil Servant. After retirement, Graham worked in the professional regulation of barristers, solicitors and chiropractors. 

He is a member of the Professional Conduct Panel of the Royal Institute of British Architects.  He is a lay member of the National Blood Transfusion Committee, and of the steering group of Serious Hazards of Transfusion.  He also served on the NICE Blood Transfusion Guidelines Development Group. 

Bridget le Huray

Bridget le HurayBridget is a retired paediatric nurse / health visitor having worked in the NHS for 25 years.  She nursed her husband who died from a malignant brain tumour, and then went to Malawi as a volunteer nurse for 12 years.  In earlier years she was involved in the Community Health Council in Cambridge but now lives in Oxfordshire.

Heather Saunders

Heather SaundersHeather Saunders is Specialist Practitioner in Primary Health Care and a Lt. Col. in the Army Medical Services (AMS) Reserves. Heather’s youngest son (26) was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohns) at the age of 11 years and received a blood transfusion after major surgery when he was 17. He is now fit and well leads an active life.



Clinical Representatives

Mike Murphy, Professor of Blood Transfusion Medicine & Consultant Haematologist, NHS Blood & Transplant and Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Mike MurphyMike Murphy is Professor of Transfusion Medicine at the University of Oxford and is Consultant Haematologist for NHS Blood & Transplant (NHSBT) and the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. He provides the leadership for the hospital transfusion and immunohaematology services for the Oxford University Hospitals. The work done by he and his Oxford colleagues using technology to improve the safety and effectiveness of transfusion practice has won numerous national awards and serves as an exemplar for the National Health Service Quality, Innovation and Productivity initiative.

He co-founded the NHSBT Clinical Studies Unit, its Systematic Reviews Initiative for transfusion medicine and the Transfusion Evidence Library ( He chaired a guideline on blood transfusion for the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) which was published in November 2015. He is a Board Member of the American Association of Blood Banks. He has received numerous research grants and is the author of more than 250 articles. He has co-edited all four editions of the textbook Practical Transfusion Medicine.

Claire Pulford, Acute Medicine/Trauma Geriatrics, Oxford

Claire PulfordClaire Pulford is a Consultant Physician working in the Trauma Unit and in General and Geriatric Medicine in Oxford, and a contributor to a recent Cochrane review on Red Blood Cell Transfusion in Hip Fracture. Her interests include perioperative medicine, fragility fractures, frailty, education and training.

Toby Richards, Senior Lecturer in Vascular Surgery and Surgeon, University College, London

Toby RichardsToby Richards is an Academic Professor of Surgery and practising vascular Surgeon. He specialises in clinical trials involving intravenous iron and blood transfusion.

He is a strong advocate for Patient Blood Management as a quality improvement in transfusion practice

Tim Walsh, Professor of Critical Care & Consultant Anaesthetist, Edinburgh

Tim WalshTim Walsh is an academic critical care clinician at Edinburgh University.

He has a longstanding interest in optimising the use of blood and blood products through undertaking clinical trials and national surveys and observational studies. He has also been involved in the development of guidelines, including the recent NICE transfusion guideline

Stephen Hibbs, Core Medical Trainee

Stephen HibbsDr Stephen Hibbs is a CT1 trainee in Core Medical Training in the London Deanery.

In addition to his clinical training, he has worked with Professor Murphy in several clinical research projects designed to improve the utilisation of blood.

He is motivated to be part of the PSP steering group to give a junior doctor perspective and to learn how to listen better to patients and the public when prioritising research.

Bill Martin, Consultant, Fetal Maternal Medicine, Birmingham Women's Hospital

Nill MartinDr Bill Martin was appointed as a consultant in obstetrics and fetal maternal medicine at the Birmingham Women’s Hospital in 2001. This is a busy tertiary fetal medicine centre offering fetal transfusion for immune and non-immune causes of fetal anaemia. In addition the delivery rate of in excess of 8,000 leads to the need for decision making regarding blood product use on a regular basis. He is a member of the PSP as a representative of the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Scientific expertise

Susan Brunskill, Senior Information Scientist, Systematic Reviews Initiative, NHS Blood and Transplant, Oxford

Susan BrunskillSusan Brunskill has been involved in clinical research for twenty years and has been has been a systematic reviewer with NHS Blood and Transplant for the last 13 years.

Her interests include identifying where there are gaps in the transfusion medicine evidence base and understanding how best these gaps can be addressed.

John Grant-Casey, Audit Manager/Surveys, NHS Blood and Transplant, Oxford

John Casey-GrantJohn Grant-Casey is a registered nurse who moved into clinical audit in an NHS Trust in 1992. In 1993 he became the Clinical Audit Co-ordinator for the Health Protection Agency, formerly the Public Health Laboratory Service. From there he moved to the Royal College of Pathologists where he ran the clinical audit unit, and he joined NHS Blood and Transplant in 2000. 

He is the Programme Manager for the National Comparative Audit of Blood Transfusion (NCABT) and has conducted national clinical audits since 1996. NCABT audits blood transfusion practice in all UK hospitals, in 7 European countries and in 8 hospitals in New Zealand.

He recently obtained a postgraduate leadership qualification from the NHS Leadership Academy.


Beccy Maeso, Senior Research Manager, James Lind Alliance

Caroline Whiting, James Lind Alliance