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Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Psychological Medicine

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Training: what we offer

Liaison psychiatry is the subspecialty of general psychiatry that is concerned with the management of psychiatric illness in general medical settings.


We organise induction programmes for all new trainees which include an introduction to key staff and to the practical, administrative and corporate context of working within the Psychological Medicine team.

Starting a new role in a busy acute trust can be daunting, so we have developed a handbook to help trainees optimise their time.


Trainees have two types of supervision: one with a clinical supervisor who will provide day-to-day oversight in the work-place, helping trainees develop their clinical skills and knowledge relevant to psychological medicine. You will also have an educational supervisor who may or may not be from within the department and will take a longer-term view of your educational needs; providing you with guidance, assessment and intervention if difficulties arise.

Training opportunities - last updated September 2018

  • Psychiatry higher trainee × 1 post
  • GPVTS trainee × 1 post

Special interest sessions

We have a number of special interest sessions available to higher trainees in Psychiatry.

Previous sessions included:

  • Neuro-psychiatry
  • Peri-natal psychiatry
  • Psycho-oncology
  • Acute and general medicine psychiatry
  • Palliative care
  • Major Trauma Centre psychiatry
  • Renal and transplant psychiatry
  • ICU psychiatry

Out of programme experience

We offer out of programme experience (OoPE) and fellowships when resources allow.

These posts are competitively recruited to, following advertisement, and available to trainees from across the UK and Northern Ireland.

Trainees who complete the OoPE will have the opportunity to undertake research/medical education projects.

Taster weeks

We offer taster weeks for Foundation doctors considering a career in Psychiatry.

Medical students

Where service capacity allows, Special Study Modules (SSM) medical students may undertake a period of research leading to poster/publication/audit presentation.

University of Oxford medical students are attached during the Year 5 Psychiatry rotation (currently we take five medical students every four weeks).