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Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Psychological Medicine

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Welcome to Psychological Medicine

Integrating Physical and Mental Healthcare

We aspire to transform the care of patients by adding a psychological/psychiatric dimension to their medical care. This aspiration applies not only to the patients we see directly, but to all patients in the Trust.

We aim to add value to the care that the Trust provides, by improving patient outcomes, patient experience and patient safety in as efficient a way as possible.

Our key characteristic is integration: first, integration with the medical services within which we work; second, integration of disciplines (psychiatry and psychology); and third, integration with the University.

Oxford Psychological Medicine (through Oxford University Hospitals, the University of Oxford, an NIHR Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care, and membership of the Academic Health Sciences Network) is a leading academic and clinical resource for the integration of psychiatry and psychology into medical care.