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Private Colposcopy

Services offered

We accept private self-paying and insured patients, including those with conditions not covered by the NHS.

  • Colposcopy (outside of NHS referral pathway)
  • Annual cervical cancer screening ('pap smear')
  • HPV testing
  • Treatment of CIN (abnormal cervical cells)

Benefits of being seen privately at the Colposcopy Department

  • A team of expert clinicians with extensive experience in colposcopy and cervical pathology
  • State-of-the-art colposcopy equipment with a screen for patients to view the examination
  • Fast turnaround time of cervical cytology samples within 24 to 48 hours (current NHS wait for smear reports is approximately 14 days)
  • The support of a highly experienced and dedicated specialist Colposcopy team
  • Procedures can often be done on the same day of an appointment

Services available

  • One-stop colposcopy clinic
  • Cervical cancer screening (outside of NHSCSP screening, i.e. annual screening and private health insurance screening schedules)
  • Cervical cytology and biopsies
  • Vulvar and vaginal biopsies
  • HPV testing and HPV typing
  • Treatment of ectropion (often the source for postcoital bleeding)
  • Advice and counselling on HPV infection and transmission
  • Diagnosis of vaginal lesions
  • Prophylactic HPV vaccination

Income from private services helps support the NHS service.