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Text message reminders

We offer a text message reminder service for outpatient appointments at the John Radcliffe, Churchill and Horton General hospitals and are looking at how text messages can be used to improve communications with patients in other ways. This service is popular with patients, and reduces the number of costly missed appointments at our hospitals.

Frequently asked questions

Will anyone else get hold of my mobile number?

No, all mobile numbers are contained within a secure site – as secure as your online bank account – and we will not pass them on to a third party.

Will the text messages be private?

We will not send any sensitive information by text, and you can tell us if you don't want us to text you.

Can I reply by text if I can't make my appointment?

Not yet, but we hope to be able to offer this service in the future. There will be a number in the text to call if you need to cancel or change your appointment, or if you require any further information.

Will I have to pay for the text?

No, unless you are out of the UK, in which case your mobile provider may charge you to receive the text.

Contact us

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