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Transition is the process of you gradually becoming independent and taking over responsibility from your parents to manage your condition and treatment in adult services.By doing this in a planned way, the switch to adult services will feel less daunting for you and your parents.

You will need to develop new skills, such as discussing your options for treatment in clinic, ordering repeat prescriptions or contacting us directly if you have a concern between clinic appointments. In the adolescent clinic we will offer you the opportunity to be seen by yourself first and bring your parents into the consultation later. Some parents find this transition difficult but it is important for you to gain confidence in making independent decisions.

In addition to supporting you in managing your condition, we can advise you about other areas of your life, such as your plans after school, alcohol, drugs, contraception and relationships. We can discuss any issues you have confidentially, without your parents if you would prefer, and can offer advice and support or can signpost you to further information and/or help as needed.

Young people feel confident with various aspects of independence at different ages and there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ time to do any of this. We use a programme called Ready, Steady, Go to give us a framework and to enable you to assess which areas you would like support with. It also helps your parents to hand over the responsibility for your care to you. We begin this around the start of secondary school so that you can develop your skills at your own pace. Most young people feel ready to move to adult services around the age of 18 or when moving on from school/college.