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Keeping active

You should keep active regardless of whether you have arthritis, other inflammation or pain.

Research and experience has shown that those who are not active do not do so well. The muscles become weaker and less fit to protect the body.

What should I do to keep active?

Walk around to friends, or to college or school. Keep up with PE and find a regular activity which is:

  • enjoyable enough to do regularly (two or three times per week)
  • strenuous enough to get the heart pumping for more than 30 minutes every time.

It could be dance, sport, the gym, physical yoga Pilates or other organised groups/clubs or classes.. Think about swimming and cycling too as these are probably some of the best activities.

NHS Live Well has more information on activity levels and ideas for what to do.

Will it make my joints or bones worse?

Keeping fit and active is important for your general health and, if you enjoy sport, there is no reason why your arthritis should stop you participating, even at a high level. Even if you have a flare of your arthritis continuing to exercise or participate in sport will not cause any joint damage.