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Friends and family


Inflammation and pain can interfere with your social life, but good friends will work with you to find ways around this.

The main difficulty is finding the balance of what and how much to say to friends.

We suggest keeping it simple. Don't avoid these discussions, as friends can't support you if they don't know. You may want to confide in a few close friends but you don’t need to tell everyone.

If you’re not sure how to explain your condition please ask us. 


It affects the whole family when a member has a long-term illness. This isn't anyone's fault - it is just what happens.

Trips to the doctor and the hospital may mean there is less time for brothers and sisters. Parents may miss out on things too, and usually everyone is concerned.

It is important to recognise this and talking about it may help you find solutions.

Explaining how you feel may lead to better understanding from your family and improve communication and family relationships.