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We run a number of clinics. Our adolescent clinic (on Tuesday) is the main clinic for teenagers.

Adolescent Rheumatology Clinic

The Adolescent Rheumatology Clinic (on a Tuesday) is for teenagers with conditions such as JIA, lupus, or other inflammatory conditions. Here you will see the rheumatology team to discuss any problems you are having with joints or muscles.

This clinic allows you to start to take control of your management and the problems you face as a result of your inflammation or pain. We will also help you transition and plan transfer of your medical care to the adult-based service, at a point in time that suits you.

What happens in clinic?

In the adolescent clinic you will be invited to see the doctor on your own first and then invite your parents into the consultation later. This gives you the chance to discuss your condition and treatment, let us know whether your treatment is working for you or not and ask any questions you have. You can also ask questions concerning your general health and lifestyle. This means you can start to take responsibility for yourself. If you would prefer a parent or friend to accompany you in the consultation please let us know.

When you are seen in this clinic our aim is to:

  • Listen to your concerns
  • Involve you in decision-making about your treatment.
  • Help you understand and manage your condition and its treatment so that it affects your life as little as possible.
  • Give you time to talk to us and ask any questions.

We will then send you a copy of your clinic letter to summarise the key points discussed.


Whilst you are under the age of 16 years, your parents still have responsibility for you and usually continue to be involved in your care beyond this age.

It's important for you to trust the people looking after you and to feel you can discuss any issues or concerns you have. Confidentiality means that we will not disclose information without your agreement. This includes to your parents and school/college. Your concerns may not be directly related to your condition, but may relate to school, relationships or your general health. On very rare occasions, it may be necessary to share information if we are concerned about your safety or that of anyone else. We will not do this without your knowledge.


Consent for your treatments will be a joint decision between you, your parents and your doctor. This means that you need to understand your condition, its treatment, the risks and benefits so you can make an informed decision.

When do I go to the adult clinic?

Transfer to the young adults' clinic can take place any time from 16 years of age but many like to transfer when they have left full-time education. We will discuss this with you to make sure you have the skills you need to manage your condition, treatment, tests and appointments independently. To help support you in this transition we use a process called Ready, Steady, Go. Ideally we will aim to transfer you when your condition is stable.