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Please find service updates and current visiting rules in our COVID-19 section.

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Support for teachers

Case conferences

As a really small team we may not be able to attend all case conferences but are happy to discuss and provide reports.


We are more than happy to provide reports in support of an Educational Health and Care Plan Assessment.

With the parent's agreement we are also happy to discuss the child's illness and treatment where it may affect school.

Support and advice is often best achieved through Sunette Letley, our Occupational therapist. However all members of the team are happy to help with specific questions. Just contact us.

Absence from school

Absence may result from appointments, hospital admission or pain and tiredness, but it is rare for this to occur on more than 3-4 days of a term.

If you wish to discuss how the child's medical condition will affect school attendance, please contact us.

When there are prolonged spells away from school we find a gradual reintroduction is advisable. We are more than happy to feed into this process.