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Shared care networks

OxPARC is a regional service supporting children from several counties in the South of England. This means many patients travel far for our expertise, but we have developed close links with other hospitals to keep as much care as possible local to the patient.

The following hospitals support us with:

  • Emergency assessment
  • Prescribing and blood test monitoring of medication
  • Physiotherapy led exercises

Other forms of support may also be available.


  • Rheumatologist: Dr Margolsia Magliano
  • Physiotherapist: Debbie Bridger


  • Rheumatologist: Dr Sanjeev Menon
  • Paediatrician: Dr Tim Taylor

Frimley Park

  • Physiotherapists: Di Tilston and Bev Mcleod


  • Rheumatologist: Dr Sarah Woodham

High Wycombe

  • Paediatricians: Dr Michelle Russell-Taylor; Dr G C Rastogi
  • Nurse: Sue Sinclair
  • Physiotherapist: Lucy Pemberton


  • Paediatrician: Dr P Rao
  • Physiotherapist: Jill Tench

Milton Keynes

  • Rheumatologist: Dr Anne Jenkins
  • Physiotherapists: Gina Bilenkij and Naomi Templeton

Reading (Dingley Children's Centre)

  • Paediatrician: Dr Ros Jefferson
  • Physiotherapist: Helen French or Judy Greenwood

Slough (Wexham Park Hospital)

  • Rheumatologist: Dr Francesca Demetriadi
  • Nurse specialist: Nicky Kennedy
  • Physiotherapist: Airlie Halliday


  • Rheumatologist: Dr Brian Davidson

Stoke Mandeville

  • Rheumatologist: Dr Sally Edmonds
  • Nurses: Christine Bufton and Fiona Scafe
  • Physiotherapist: Ann Hill

Swindon (Great Western Hospital)

  • Rheumatologist: Dr Lynn Williamson
  • Paediatrician: Dr Lucy Grain
  • Physiotherapist: Emily Chapman