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We provide home exercise programmes for most of our patients, not just those with arthritis.

Home exercise programmes are fundamental to improving joint movement through stretching and strengthening exercises.

We also provide other programmes and advice (including stamina work, sporting activity and support at school) to improve well-being, independence and long term health.

Different people will have different exercises, but some common examples are below:

  • Stretching exercises
    These help if a joint doesn't move fully. The stretch can be uncomfortable, but joints that move fully allow you to do more.
  • Strengthening exercises
    These work muscles that are weak so eventually they will be able to protect your joints and help ease any pain. If you do the exercises enough they will also improve your fitness and help you to avoid getting tired.
  • Balance and core stability
    Good balance means that your joints are less likely to get stressed and cause pain.

For parents, we have some tips on how to keep your child exercising (pdf; 123 KB).