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What happens in hospital

Coming to clinic

Our Friday children’s clinic is where you will meet us and we'll work out how best to help you.

When you arrive you'll see our big and bright waiting room. Our receptionists will be there to greet you.

The clinic nurses will check your height, weight and blood pressure and they may ask you to wee in a pot. If you can’t go, have a drink and you can do this later. Your mum or dad will need to fill in a form about you and how you are while you wait to see the doctor (and anyone else you need to see).

Because there can be lots of people to see, the clinics are often busy. You might like to bring something fun to do in case you have a bit of a wait. In the waiting room there is a TV and lots of books, toys and colouring.

Coming into hospital for the day

We don’t normally ask patients to come into hospital. If we do, it is usually just for a short part of the day. This is called a day case.

If this is needed you will be asked to come to one of the wards at the Oxford Children's Hospital. The wards are full of toys, games, TVs, play stations, play areas and have a play specialist to make the time pass quickly.

We will talk to you more about this if needed and can show you photos of what to expect.

Staying overnight in hospital

If you are poorly you may need to stay overnight in hospital. Your Advanced Nurse Practioner or Doctor will tell you why and what to expect.

You may not like the thought of staying in hospital, but there is lots to do and your mum or dad can stay with you overnight with you. Don't forget your toothbrush, pyjamas and your favourite cuddly toy!