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Exercises are easy - you just have to remember to do them.

Try fitting them in when watching television or waiting for tea. Your Physiotherapist will give you lots of ideas to make them fun. They will also help you to get back to PE and other sports.

Exercises help to make you bendier, stronger and fitter. Unfortunately we cannot make you fly, but we can certainly help you run faster or write for longer.

Exercises help with:

  • making you feel fit and strong
  • reducing pain
  • play
  • everyday activities such as getting dressed, washing and going to school
  • hand function - using your hands for things such as writing and turning taps on or off.

You won't always have to do exercises, but now and then it helps correct a problem we have found in clinic.

We will give you one or two exercises. We would like you to do these five days a week with two days off. The exercises will not help you if you only do them now and then.