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Family, friends and school

Having arthritis or other causes of swelling, pain or tiredness does not mean you can't join in. Far from it.

We want you to join in as much as possible and we will help when things are not so easy.

But of course there may be times when you do not want to or cannot join in. This is OK, but if it happens often we need to know so that we can help in other ways.

Doing normal things can be a lot of effort when you don’t have much energy or you are in pain.

This can even make you cross when you don't want to be and can make things difficult for you and the people around you.

We can give you tips to help with this.

At home

It is important to talk to your family about how you feel do they can understand and help you. It’s okay if you need quiet time by yourself too.

At school

It is probably best to tell your teachers about your JIA so they understand if things get difficult. They won't tell other people if you don't want them to.

You don't have to tell your friends anything, but it may be helpful to tell one or two close friends so they can help you.

Bullies are best ignored, but this isn’t always easy. It is important that you tell your teacher and your parents if you are being bullied so they can help.

There are some useful websites you can look at with your parents for help like How to Beat Bullying - ChildLine's Top Ten Tips and

Want someone to talk to?

Sometimes you want to talk to someone who is separate from your family and friends.

We're happy to listen. Our Nurse Specialists are always around, but you can talk to any member of the team or you can ask to see our psychologist.

You can either talk to us with your parents or on your own if you prefer.