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nurse specialists

Elaine Parsons and Ruth Finch are the paediatric rheumatology nurse specialists.

They are experienced nurses who specialise in looking after children and young people with rheumatology conditions. Their main role is to provide support to families and patients. They can help you understand diagnosis, medications and treatment plan, provide training for new medications (e.g. giving injections) and address any concerns you have. They can also offer advice and information about general health and well-being. You may not have a specific question you want to ask them; sometimes talking just helps to reorganise things or free the mind of worries.

They can also liaise with GPs, teachers and school nurses and provide the main point of contact between the patient, family and the team.

They can be contacted between appointments by leaving a message on ouradvice line(01865 737656) or email

What happens at a nurse specialist appointment?

Our nurse specialists may see you when you attend a clinic appointment or they may arrange to see you at another time. This can be arranged with physiotherapy, occupational therapy or psychology appointments.

Usually they see children and their parents together. If parents, children or adolescents would like to see the nurse specialists individually this can be arranged.

As with any member of the team, they will respect your right to confidentiality. It is sometimes necessary to share information within the team and with other professionals (e.g. GP, school) to help provide the best care and advice we can. Please discuss this with any member of the team if you have any questions.