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Research studies currently recruiting

This information is about research projects and clinical trials that are recruiting in the Oxford Renal and Transplant Unit.

Ongoing studies


The High-volume Haemodiafiltration vs High-flux Haemodialysis Registry Trial

A study comparing a form of haemodialysis that filters and replaces high volumes of blood water during each treatment (high-volume haemodiafiltration) with a form of haemodialysis that doesn't (high-flux haemodialysis).

The local PI for this study is Dr Udaya Udayaraj.

H4RT Trial - Briston Medical School

The UK Calciphylaxis Study

Calciphylaxis or 'calcific uraemic arteriolopathy' is a rare condition which can occur in patients with Chronic Kidney Disease. It is the build-up of calcium and phosphate in the body which causes chalky deposits to form in the small blood vessels which can have a damaging effect in the body.

This is a prospective observational study over 10 years.

Patients newly diagnosed with this disease will be approached for recruitment. Sampling and data are sent to the coordinating centre in Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust and DNA samples will be analysed in the University of Manchester.

The local PI for this study is Dr Ed Sharples.

UK Calciphylaxis Study


The National Registry of Rare Kidney Diseases (RaDaR) is an initiative by UK kidney specialists (the Renal Association). It is designed to pull together information from patients who have certain rare kidney diseases. This will give a much better understanding of how these illnesses affect people. It will also speed up research.

This work is done in partnership with patients. Where the research leads to practical benefits, such as better diagnosis, treatments or general advice this will be publicised on this website.

Dr Ed Sharples is the Consultant in charge of this project in Oxford.

We will be directly approaching suitable patients, but if you are interested please contact us.


Rare Renal - Renal Assoication

Studies recently completed


PROphylaxis for paTiEnts at risk of COVID-19 infecTion

PROTECT-V is an Urgent Public Health Study and the focus of this trial is on the prevention of COVID-19 rather than treatment once disease occurs. The drug to be tested is niclosamide nasal spray and participants in the study will be in the study for at least six months. This study is enrolling patients with kidney or autoimmune diseases, including patients undergoing dialysis, kidney transplant recipients, and individuals with auto-immune conditions receiving immunosuppression.

The local PI for this study is Dr Udaya Udayaraj.

PROTECT-V - Cambridge University Hospitals

Further information

Please watch this space for information on new trials and research projects starting in the Renal and Transplant Unit.

For further information about recruitment to these studies please email:

Last reviewed:23 January 2023