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Holiday haemodialysis in England

Holiday haemodialysis in England

Geoff and Shirley are in their 80s and live just outside London. Geoff is on dialysis three times a week, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings.

"We had not had a holiday away from our home for about two years, so we decided to stay with the family in Newcastle for about a week," says Geoff.

"Some weeks before setting off, my home dialysis unit established contact with the main dialysis hospital in Newcastle and found out about the availability of dialysis sessions which would maintain the frequency of my treatment.

"Within days Newcastle had replied with an offer of convenient dates and evening sessions, so we were able to plan days out and other activities with ease.

"I don't like to drive long distances, so we took the underground to central London, a taxi to St Pancras and the through train to Newcastle. This route only involved one change, and meant no long staircases or escalators with our luggage. We were met at Newcastle station by the family with their car, although a taxi would have been a practical alternative.

"Having gained confidence during our first trip, we are now looking at adverts online and in magazines for hotel accommodation linked to dialysis treatment in various parts of the country.

"We are also speaking to members of our local kidney patient group at our regular lunches and meetings, asking for their advice and recommendations for practical holidays for people on dialysis."

May 2017