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Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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Private patients

Private / commercially funded non-NHS funded care

The centre is willing and able to offer rehabilitation to people who are funded from outside the NHS funding mechanism.

This will include people who have funding from:

  • medicolegal settlements in personal injury cases
  • insurance, health insurance or other insurance
  • other organisations and agencies within the UK
  • other governments or state funding organisations
  • embassies
  • personal resources.

We can offer on a commercial basis:

  • a detailed assessment of condition, prognosis and treatment as part of a medicolegal claim
  • inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation
  • specific treatments such as botulin toxin injections for spasticity.

Whenever we are approached with a request for some commercial service, we would always wish to establish that it is appropriate for us to do this in terms of being within our area of expertise, being in the patient's best interest, and having a reasonable probability of succeeding.

Regarding the patient's condition it would be helpful to have as much information as possible to allow us to make an informed decision. Often, if a period of inpatient treatment is being considered, an assessment either as an outpatient or at the patients place of residence is recommended so that appropriate goals and expectations cam be set.

Any person or organisation interested should in the first instance contact us providing as much information as possible.