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Exceptional nurses awarded for excellent care

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Nurses working on the urology, cardiology, and children's wards across Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust are among the first to be honoured with prestigious DAISY Foundation Awards.

The scheme allows patients, their families and colleagues to nominate a registered nurse or midwife who has made a real difference by going above and beyond to deliver outstanding clinical care to their patients.

Six nurses have been honoured with a DAISY (Diseases Attacking the Immune SYstem) award since the Trust joined nearly 3,300 other hospitals worldwide in launching the initiative in May 2018.

Louise Garrett, based on F Ward at the Horton General Hospital in Banbury, was the first at the Trust to scoop an award in October 2018.

The Ward Sister was nominated by a colleague, who praised their role model's "supportive, dedicated, and compassionate" leadership.

Since then, other fantastic nurses across our four hospitals have been celebrating after winning awards, including:

  • Elise Longworth, Robin's Ward, Oxford Children's Hospital
  • Hugo Sanguinho, Urology Ward, Churchill Hospital
  • Becky Pearce, Cardiology Ward, John Radcliffe Hospital
  • Chris Rigozzi, MS Specialist Nurse, Neurosciences, John Radcliffe Hospital
  • Elizabeth Sims, Hepatology Outpatients, John Radcliffe Hospital

Hugo was nominated for showing 'extraordinary' empathy and compassion towards his nominator, an anonymous patient admitted to the Urology Ward with kidney and urinary problems.

He said: "I never thought that I would be nominated for this award because we have a huge number of nurses in Oxford, with different backgrounds and experiences. When I saw the DAISY award banner in Urology Triage, I was speechless.

"It is not every day that something beautiful happens. I couldn't be more delighted and honoured."

Recipients of DAISY awards are 'surprised' on the ward they work on by Chief Nurse Sam Foster, and are presented with an award pin, certificate and hand-carved sculpture called 'A Healer's Touch'.

Fellow winner Elise, a nurse on Robin's Ward, which specialises in paediatric neurosciences and specialist surgery, was nominated by Annette Martin, whose six-week-old twins were admitted to hospital with fractured skulls.

Annette was fraught and couldn't care for both her children on the ward.

However, Elise was on hand to support and comfort the worried mother.

Annette said: "Elise read the situation perfectly and offered lots of tea and sympathy.

"She offered to look after the twins for me when she had quieter moments. This was hugely generous of her as I know staff are really busy.

"I named Elise 'Saint Elise' as she truly was my angel.

"The whole team was incredible. I felt our twins were safe and cared for but the real difference was having a compassionate hug, sensing when I was about to break. Thank you, Elise."

Hundreds of nominations have been made so far for our registered nurses and midwives.

There will be 24 awards a year - three for midwives and 21 for nurses.

Sam Foster said: "We have had a wonderful response since we launched our DAISY Awards last year, and have received many inspiring and moving nominations from staff and patients.

"It has been an honour to hand out these awards to such deserving staff who have gone above and beyond to deliver skilful and compassionate care across our hospitals."

Nominations are evaluated by our volunteers in the Magnet Program Team to ensure that the individuals meet the DAISY criteria. The Magnet Program is the international recognition scheme for hospitals with exceptional nursing.

More information on the winners so far can be found on our website.

To make a nomination, please download this form and return it to or post (address on form).

Visit the DAISY website  for more information.

Pictured: Elise Longworth, third from left, celebrates with her nominator, Annette Martin and her children