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Special visitors to the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre


The Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre (NOC) recently welcomed eight nurses from Denmark who trained at the hospital back in the seventies. The nurses had a small and intimate walkaround to see their first workplace after nearly 50 years to get an insight of what developments it has gone through over the decades.

The NOC has gone through tremendous changes over the last century

The nurses were impressed by the development in infrastructure, administration, policy, and practice over the last five decades. 

Helle Busch Carlsen, one of the visiting nurses, said: "We first came here in our late teens and early twenties, as a bunch of excited young Danish ladies to pursue their dreams of becoming nurses one day. This was the first step of our careers and an amazing experience, despite all the challenges.

"Over the decades we stayed in touch – one way or another. And now that we are all retired, we were keen to come back to where it all started.  Even though everything is different now, being back at the NOC has been a fantastic trip down memory lane. One of us couldn’t come for the visit because she is having an 'Oxford Knee Replacement', which was developed right at the NOC – bringing everything full circle and adding to our sense of pride at working here. 

"We are impressed by the development here, especially in clinical areas – to take the initiative to constantly improve is admirable. I wouldn't mind being here again!"

Becky Easton, one of the matrons at the NOC, briefed the nurses about the developments in patient care, digitalisation, staffing models, and becoming a member of staff in orthopaedics in more recent times. She also showed them around some of the clinical wards and the grounds of the NOC.

Becky said: "The enthusiasm of these nurses and keenness to learn about the changes that the NOC has undergone was catching. They were curious to understand what it is like to be a nursing and clinical staff today – asking about the wards, theatres, bed capacity, staffing measures, and shift patterns.

"It is fascinating to envision the NOC we have today through the memories of these nurses that worked here in the seventies in a completely different environment – with completely different wards and practices."

Suyin Mills, Directorate PA for Trauma & Orthopaedic, spoke to the nurses about the major estates, administration, and services changes over the last fifty years.

Suyin said: "Institutions like the NOC are living institution – ever evolving. I have been working here for years now, but this visit gave me an opportunity to look deeply into all the development the NOC has undergone over the decade. 

"Meeting the nurses and discussing the changes with them was like opening a time capsule. It is refreshing to have an understanding the immensity of the evolution healthcare and health staff has gone through."