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NHS Staff Survey results published


The results of the NHS Staff Survey 2022 were published nationally today (Thursday 9 March) on the NHS Staff Survey website – our results are available via the 'View Local Results' link.

In total, 6,979 OUH staff had their say and made their voice heard by completing the NHS Staff Survey which was open from 26 September to 25 November 2022 – this was 51 per cent of those staff eligible to take part.

The good news is that the Trust's overall Staff Survey results are better than the national average when measured against the elements and themes set out in the NHS People Promise:

  • We are compassionate and inclusive
  • We are recognised and rewarded
  • We each have a voice that counts
  • We are safe and healthy
  • We are always learning
  • We work flexibly
  • We are a team

In addition, the introduction of a Values Based Appraisal (VBA) window at OUH for the first time last year has had a positive effect – 91 per cent of staff who took part in the Staff Survey in 2022 reported that they had an appraisal in the previous 12 months, compared with 72 per cent in 2021.

Other improved areas include staff having an opportunity to be involved in deciding changes that affect their work and staff not feeling under pressure to be at work when they feel unwell.

Areas for improvement where the Trust's results have declined year on year include staff satisfaction with their level of pay, staff who have a disability not feeling that the Trust made reasonable adjustments to enable them to carry out their work, and a disproportionate decline in the staff experience of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) colleagues and of our people who identify as having a disability.

In a personal message to all OUH staff following publication of the Staff Survey results today, Terry Roberts and Rachel Stanfield (Joint Chief People Officer) said: "With more than half of our people taking part in the survey, it is important we hear what is working well for you at OUH and what could be even better, so that together we can make OUH a great place to work where we all feel we belong – which is the vision of our OUH People Plan 2022-25.

"At a Trustwide level we will maintain and develop our focus on key areas including:

  • Health and wellbeing 
  • Building a culture of civility and respect
  • Improving the quality of appraisals
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) – improving staff experience across the Workforce Race Equality Standards (WRES) and Workforce Disability Equality Standards (WDES) metrics 
  • Making OUH a great place to work

"At a local level we will cascade results through teams so that all staff know what their local results are, can discuss them in Time to Talk sessions, and co-create action plans."