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Futuristic-looking rest pod helps staff recharge

Dr Jacinta Cordwell, Principal Clinical Psychologist

John Radcliffe Hospital staff working on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) can take short power naps during their breaks following the installation of a specialist rest pod.

The comfortable, futuristic-looking rest space allows staff working on the unit at the Oxford hospital, run by Oxford University Hospitals (OUH), to recharge during their breaks, or before or after intense or busy shifts.

The 'EnergyPod' is specifically designed for power napping, enabling staff to rest for a limited, specified amount of time, helping staff to recuperate and continue providing the best possible care to patients.

It comes after the successful installation of rest pods and chairs in the Emergency Departments at the John Radcliffe and Banbury-based Horton General Hospital last year.

Dr Jacinta Cordwell, Principal Clinical Psychologist at OUH, said: "We know that people work best when they are rested. For our clinicians it is important that they have the opportunity to take breaks and feel refreshed, so that they can provide the best and safest care possible to our youngest patients.

"Rests of just 15-20 minutes can help reduce the impact of tiredness, helping people to function better. This pod will provide the opportunity and space for staff to rest, helping to boost their health and wellbeing, and enabling them to feel re-energised for their remaining shift ahead."

The rest pod was funded by NHS England's South East Wellbeing Board following a successful funding application as part of their innovative ideas project, and is set to benefit more than 250 staff.

Space-age in style, it features a recliner chair beneath an adjustable privacy visor and, once activated, the pod uses soft lighting and soothing music to help the user relax. The comfortable, recliner-like chairs provide staff another option to get some rest and relaxation.

Jo Phillips, Director of Culture and Leadership at the Trust, said: "The health and wellbeing of our people is our top priority within our people recovery programme. Following the popular installation of other rest pods and chairs at the Trust last year, we are delighted that more people have access to and can benefit from these facilities.

"We often promote the importance of rest breaks, hydration, and nutrition to colleagues. By providing a comfortable rest space, the rest pods will help increase alertness and reduce stress as part of the wider wellbeing quality improvement programme being led in NICU by Dr Jacinta Cordwell.

"This innovative piece of equipment will make such a positive difference to the wellbeing of our people. I really appreciate NHS England supporting our bid for investment to purchase this third rest pod, which will benefit not just our people but also the care provided to our patients."