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Needlestick injuries

Outside working hours, the Microbiology department acts on behalf of Occupational Health to document needlestick and splash-exposure injuries, and to provide advice for staff in these situations.

Please contact the Microbiology SpR on call via switchboard. The details of the incident and the 'donor' patient (if known) will be logged in order to make a risk assessment.

If immediate emergency action is required, advice will be given by telephone. In all other instances, further follow-up of the incident will be initiated via Occupational Health on the next working day.

All such incidents should be reported via a Datix form / incident report.

For needlestick incidents occurring in the community / nursing homes / dentists / primary care, Public Health England (PHE) should be contacted.

The Microbiology SpR is available to provide clinical advice if the recipient becomes a patient of the OUH, e.g. by arriving in the Emergency Department.