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Hip and Knee

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Surgical results

Hip Arthroscopy

This is a relatively new procedure, therefore there are no long-term results. However results in the short and medium-term show around 80% of patients show improvements in their symptoms and 20% do not. Our goal results are shown below.

Our surgical results compared to non-surgical approach for hip pain caused by FAI:

results graph

The graph above represents patient progress over a 12-month period. Those who were treated for FAI with arthroscopic surgery (red line) in general have improved and have less pain than those who did not seek an operative pathway (blue line) for their hip pain.

Hip Replacement

National surgical results:

  • According to the National Joint Registry (NJR) 86,488 hip procedures were recorded in the UK in 2012
  • Patients were followed up post surgery and answered questions about their progress:
    • Q. 1 Satisfaction after the operation (describe the results of the operation)?
    • Over 73% of the patients recorded 'excellent' or 'very good'.
    • Q. 2 Success: Problems now compared to before operation?
    • Over 85% of patients recorded 'much better'.
  • Hip replacement is one of the most successful treatments ever devised. The graph below represents the results from patient answers on a standard questionnaire about their replacement. It is visible to see that Hip Replacement has the best results for improvement from patients.