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Hip and Knee

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Patient and Public Involvement (PPI)

''It is a core democratic principle that people who are affected by research have a right to have a say in what and how publicly funded research is undertaken.' ~INVOLVE

Involving patients and the public in research is a goal we strive for in all of our research projects. The views that patients and the public offer help us better tailor our research to help as many people as we can.

''No matter how complicated the research, or how brilliant the researcher, patients and the public always offer unique, invaluable insights. Their advice when designing, implementing, and evaluating research invariably makes studies more effective, more credible and often more cost efficient as well.'

~Professor Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer (Foreword, in Staley 2009)

Currently we are starting a Hip Young Adult PPI to address hip issues in young adults. This is the first of its kind in the UK. Too often hip issues are associated with an older population, when in reality there are many young adults who too suffer from hip and/or groin pain. To find out more about this group and how to get involved, please click on the link below: