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Clinical Haematology

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Haemophilia and thrombosis patient information



Infected blood payment scheme reforms

The payment schemes are for individuals who were infected with HIV and or hepatitis C following treatment with NHS-supplied blood or blood products before September 1991.

As of November 2016, these new annual payments are being processed, and we encourage you to make contact with your fund provider.

More information about these changes can be found at:

The Haemophilia Society

  • The Haemophilia Society
    Willcox House
    140-148 Borough High Street
    London SE1 1LB

The Skipton Fund

  • The Skipton Fund
    PO Box 50107
    London SW1H 0YF

The Haemophilia and Thrombosis Centre

Tel: 01865 225316

Healthcare at Home

Service and delivery information

Delivery days according to postcode

  • GL and HP deliveries on a Tuesday, Tuesday Evening and Friday
  • MK deliveries on a Monday Evening, Wednesday and Friday
  • NN deliveries on a Monday, Wednesday, Wednesday Evening and Thursday
  • OX deliveries on a Tuesday, Tuesday Evening and a Friday
  • RG and SL deliveries on a Tuesday, Friday and Friday evening

You will receive a two hour delivery window by text message and can track your delivery on the day it's due via the HaH website:

The day before, you can get a one hour window.

Thrombosis resources

We have an information booklet for patients taking oral vitamin K antagonists (e.g. Warfarin). Please ask for a copy when you start your anticoagulant therapy.

Important information for patients on anticoagulation with vitamin K antagonists (pdf)

We also have leaflet for patients who:

  • are referred to the DVT Clinic
  • have been diagnosed with a DVT
  • have a thrombus (clot)
  • need Vitamin K (Phytomenadione)
  • have a leg in a certain position because of a plaster cast or appliance and are in danger of developing a clot.

Please see our 'Patient leaflets' page for the full A-Z of our patient leaflets