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Epilepsy Surgery Service

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Alternatives to surgery

If it is decided by the multidisciplinary team that surgery is not suitable for you, we appreciate this can be disappointing.

However, the extensive assessment process can provide valuable additional information about your epilepsy which will be used to inform your care. Your Neurologist will discuss the reasons for this decision and what further support can be offered.

Vagus Nerve Stimulation

We provide Vagus Nerve Stimulation for people who may not be suitable for surgery.

This is a treatment for epilepsy that involves implanting a small stimulator into the upper area of the chest. The stimulator is attached to the left vagus nerve and sends a regular small electrical 'pulse' to the nerve to help calm electrical discharges that lead to epileptic seizures.

Medication review and adjustment

It may be possible to treat you by carefully monitoring your medication and changing it to suit your circumstances better.